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Crucial Tech Becomes Tech Next Door

As of January 1, 2019 Crucial Technology Solutions has become Tech Next Door Support Company. 

Owner of Crucial Tech, Joel LaRusic, is also the owner of Tech Next Door and has been building the new brand for about the last year. Why a new brand? In Joel's words:

"Over the years my customers told me they loved the dedicated service they received from me... great service that you would expect when the owner of the company is doing the work. However, they also told me they were often frustrated with issues of availability (I can only be in one place at one time!) and also with depth of expertise. Based on this and other feedback I designed a support model that brings the best of both worlds together. It provides better and more robust service for our clients and also allows techs to make top dollar looking after their own clients. The result is Tech Next Door and I'm extremely proud of the undertaking so far!"

How we are different?

I know how hard it is to run a one-man show. I know how difficult it is to start your own IT Consulting/Tech Support company.  I know of the challenges that go with it because I did it myself from scratch.  So when I designed Tech Next Door I did so using a model that makes it much easier for techs to work for themselves and provide IT services to their clients. By building an umbrella company and inviting other techs and companies to join, we become a part of something bigger and have many advantages over working by yourself. Consider just a few:

Availability - As a client you want the same person/people managing your IT from day-to-day and month-to-month... that makes sense. However, when you need help and your tech is not available you get frustrated. TND has an organized backup system in place. Yes, you still have a technical manager who is very familiar with your environment and dedicated to your success, but there is a team behind them to provide support when your regular people are not available whether it be sick days, vacation or just busy helping other clients.

Depth of Expertise - Most techs these days are 'jack of all trades'. They may have a specialty too, but probably not more than one. Operating with a team of experts we have you covered with whatever expertise you need. Do you need help with your website? Do you want to take Microsoft SharePoint to the next level? Do you need help tuning your databases to make your operation efficient? Whatever expertise you need we likely have it onboard.

Dedicated Technical Management - In order to keep your company safe from cyber-threats and running smoothly a lot of attention is needed for planning and strategizing. This often falls through the cracks with smaller tech firms as they are too busy doing the work to do the important strategy work. At TND each of our contract clients gets a dedicated individual whose primary job is to keep up with technology and keep your business up to date with security and productivity. They are not techs themselves but they work very closely with your techs. They keep their fingers on the pulse of IT and on your operation. 

We are inviting independent techs and other small firms to join our team. Techs make top dollar and own their own clients. For those with clients already, there are ownership opportunities in Tech Next Door to join our growing team. If you know of someone who might be interested.. please send them to www.technextdoor.ca.

We are excited to bring this to market and look forward to continuing to serve our client base with this new and improved support model!