TND Backup Advantage Program

"I don't have anything of value on my computer.
I am not a target for cyber criminals."

Wrong! Quite the opposite. Home users (and small business) are perfect targets because they have weak defenses. You are low-hanging fruit. Ransomware is the weapon of choice for many home users. Your pictures and documents many not have any value to a hacker, but they know the data is valuable to you. Hence, if they plant malware that encrypts your data, they know you may be willing to pay a ransom to get it back.  Another tool that is common in these days is bitcoin mining. Your computer can be used as a robot for criminal activity without you even knowing.

Another risk is that computer hard drives often fail. When that happens it may not be possible to recover files, or it will be very expensive.

The good news is that we can help you stay safe against cyber-criminals and data loss from computer failure.

We do this by backing up your entire computer of a secure offsite location. Our backups have two important features:

  - Backups are immutable. That means, unlike syncing software such as Dropbox, they never change. They are like snapshots.

- We allow point-in-time restores. This means you can restore your data back to a specific time. This is important when it comes to recovering from a ransomware attack.

The TND Backup Advantage Program was designed to provide robust, secure and affordable backup options for home users and businesses. Here is what's included (choose a version that works for you:

Don't be low hanging fruit

managed backup

Secure backup and free restore assistance



/yr + tax

  • Free setup
  • Backup of entire computer
  • Backup of OneDrive files
  • Free restore service
backup & checkup

All Inclusive PC Support and Training



/mo + tax

  • Everything in Managed Backup
  • Annual computer checkup
  • Security 'hotline'
  • Automatic update protection

NO HASSLE Data Backup and Restores

With the TND Backup Advantage Program we install the software and configure your full computer backup. We troubleshoot and resolve any backup issues you may have. And we will be there to assist with the restore of any lost data. Whether it is a single file that you accidentally deleted, or whether it is all the files on your computer... we'll be there to get you up and running again.