Tech Next Door Security Audit

Why a Security Audit?

As a computer technician who has been going to homes for 15 years to offer tech support... I have a cold, hard fact. People are clueless about security. Even those who know computers, understand networking and are aware of the threats are still way behind. There is a huge gap in knowledge when it comes to computer security. For most, throwing on any one of the many anti-virus programs on their computer is enough.

Would it surprise you to know that in a survey conducted by Google recently, anti-virus was not even in the top 3 of the most important things people can do to stay safe online. And yet it was almost always the #1 important thing to do according to computer users.

Yes, for many they simply cross their fingers and hope they do not get hacked.

This is why we created a crucial service that we encourage everyone to use... the Tech Next Door Security Audit.

Here are just some of the questions we are asked constantly and that are answered as part of the Security Audit:

Is this your security solution?

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    Is my anti-virus good enough?
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    Do I need a firewall? Do I have one? Is it working?
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    Is my data backup plan good enough?
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    Do I already have something bad on my computer that I don't know about?
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    Is there something I am not doing but should be?
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    Are my social media accounts set up to safeguard my privacy and security?
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    Are the passwords I use strong enough?
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    Is my computer safe enough for online banking?
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    Is my computer up-to-date?

Request the Tech Next Door Security Audit Today

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Or, give us a call at (778) 696-2111 and we would be happy to answer you questions.

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