Tech Next Door Neighbor Program

"I don't have anything of value on my computer.
I am not a target for cyber criminals."

Wrong! Quite the opposite. Home users (and small business) are perfect targets because they have weak defenses. You are low-hanging fruit. Ransomware is the weapon of choice for many home users. Your pictures and documents many not have any value to a hacker, but they know the data is valuable to you. Hence, if they plant malware that encrypts your data, they know you may be willing to pay a ransom to get it back.  Another tool that is common in 2018 is bitcoin mining. Your computer can be used as a robot for criminal activity without you even knowing.

The good news is that we can help you stay safe.

We can provide the tools, the alerts and the training to make sure you are confident and protected. 

After all, this is why Tech Next Door was started... because we felt that computer support companies were not doing enough to protect their clients from expensive and stressful malware attacks. This is our specialty! Security is the foundation that all our other services are built on.

It is also why we created the Tech Next Door Neighbor Program. Just like a friendly neighbor, we keep an eye on things. Here is what's included:

Don't be low hanging fruit

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    Advanced multi-layered, managed anti-virus protection
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    Updating service to assure all your essential programs, and Windows, are updated
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    Dashboard to alert us to any security issues you may be having... and we are there to help
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    Phishing service - not sure if an email is legit? Just ask or forward.
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    Robust multi-layered backup to make sure all of your important data and memories are backed up safely
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    Most important... we show you how to protect yourself. Regular training and advice to keep you safe.

Our Tech Next Door Neighbor program is one way we Protect the Vulnerable!


Essential Tools to Keep You Safe

* Onsite Visit Required for Setup




  • Fraud Alerts
  • Auto-Updater  *
  • Phishing Hotline
  • Tips, tricks and guides
  • Remote Software Setup *

All Inclusive PC Support and Training




  • Everything in SECURITY+
  • Remote Support Included
  • 50% Discount on Service
  • Full Access to online training
  • Offsite Data Backup

Sign up here - We'll be there for you

Feel free to call us 604-696-2111 to speak to us in person 


We are sure that, under the protection of the Tech Next Door Program, you will not get a virus. We stand behind that statement with a promise and a guarantee.

If you acquire any kind of malware - be it Ransomware, Trojan, Rootkit, Browser Hijack, Virus, Hacking, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or anything else - we will clean it up 100% with no hassle and no charge.