Technology Trainers

As a testament to our commitment to put safety and training first, our training services will always be our cheapest service. In fact, one-on-one training can be purchased for as low as $60/hr. We have trainers for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. They can show you how to operate your devices and how to get what you need done. Hire a trainer today and increase joy and productivity with your technology!


Trainers are themselves specially trained to provide instruction to people. More importantly though, they are all kind and patient and have many years experience in training people with technology.


Rates for training vary. The basic rate is $79/hr (min 4 hours), however under a package deal it can be as low as $60/hr.

Types of Jobs

Windows Training
Need some help navigating the Windows 10 operating system? Do you want to be able to send and receive email? Or connect to relatives through Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook. Would you like to gain confidence by understanding how to stay safe on the Internet. A Windows Trainer can help with all of these and more.

Mac Training
Have you made the move to a Mac and would like to speed up the learning curve? Would you like to use your Mac to more than just play music and show pictures? Enjoy happier and more productive Mac computing by have a Mac Trainer show you the ropes.

Android Training
If you have an Android phone or tablet there are a world of possibilities to make your life easier. How to get pictures from your phone to your computer without lifting a finger. Understand Gmail and other Google products and apps to make things simple. Make your Android your own through easy customization and widgets. The possibilities are endless. Book an Android Trainer today!

iPhone Training
If you have an iPhone and/or an iPad then you have some pretty slick apps and tools available to you. Learn how to use them to stay in sync and connected with friends and family. Get more comfortable in the Apple world by hiring an iPhone Trainer to help.

Business Technology Training
If you run your own business and have a small office, or a home office, then you have many different hats to wear. There is so much technology out there to help but it can be a challenging landscape to figure out what technology you need and how to use it. Staying productive in today's business environment is crucial. Invest in a Business Technology Trainer who knows what is out there and what will benefit your particular circumstance.

General Technology Training
If you are starting from scratch, with very little knowledge about computers, Android or Apple devices or the Internet, then a General Technology Trainer is perfect. Learn about what the Internet is, how to stay safe while using it, how to find what you are looking and how to connect with loved ones safely.

Other Trainers
In our pool of experienced trainers, there are trainers for any technology you can imagine. Is there something specific you would like to be trained on... why not shoot us a note and ask for it? Likely we have what you are looking for.