A Mac Tech is a trained and certified Apple technician. They are familiar with all of the Apple products including iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and more. If you are an Apple household, call a Mac Tech for setup, configurations and troubleshooting all of your Mac issues. 


To qualify to be a Mac Tech, the agent must have the A+ Certification and at least 3 years practical experience supporting Mac computers/devices.


The hourly rate for the General PC Technician is $125/hr + tax.

Types of Jobs

MacBook Pro or other Mac Computer problems
Is your Mac slowing down? Getting that spinning wheel a little to much. Perhaps it has some malware or a virus that is causing issues? Your Mac Tech can help!

iPhone and iPad configuration and troubleshooting
Our iDevices try to make things seamless and smooth but if not configured correctly can be a source of frustration. Have a professional Mac Tech show you how to properly configure your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, along with iCloud and iDrive. We'll explain what we are doing along the way so that you can be Mac savvy!

Upgrades and Replacements
Ask a Mac Tech for advise on upgrading your existing Mac or buying a new one. What upgrades are possible? What new Mac should I get? Consultation with a Mac Tech is worth every penny to make upgrades and replacements as smooth as can be.

Apple Mail
Apple Mail is the built-in mail program that comes with a Mac. It is a great program but when things aren't working, it can be complicated. Have a Mac Tech take a look and get your mail running smoothly.