A Junior Tech is trained to handle most problem solving and routine tasks on your computer. Of course, all of our techs take the time to teach you how to be productive and safe along the way. 


To qualify to be a Junior Tech, the agent must have the A+ Certification (or commensurate) and at least 1 year practical experience supporting computers.


The hourly rate for the General PC Technician is $125/hr + tax.

Types of Jobs

Speed up a slow computer
Over time your computer can start running more slowly. We can help! In many cases your Tech can tune-up your computer to make it faster. In fact, we have a comprehensive 39-step program that is guaranteed to make your computer run faster. We may also recommend upgrading your hardware. Adding more memory or cloning your hard drive to a solid state drive are sure-fire ways to get the most speed out of your computer. While we are there, we ll give you helpful tips on how to make your computer time more productive and fun

Remove viruses and other malware
Viruses, Trojans, ransomware and other types of malware are rampant. As part of our mission, we try to help people to NOT get viruses in the first place. However, if it does happen, a Junior Tech can sort it out for you. We have the experience and the tools to quash any malware that comes your way. And, we will help to make sure it does not happen again.

Desktop Support
We can help you with any kind of desktop support items such as Windows and Office errors, help using computer programs, printer and peripheral set-up. We can also provide one-on-one training.

Buy a new computer
If you are looking for a new computer, we can help. We take the time to find out what you want to use your computer for and can recommend a suitable and affordable computer for your needs. Then, we will bring it to you and set it up for you. Save the gas, avoid the high pressure sales staff and let us assist from the comfort of your own home. You will be amazed at how easy it is!

Set up a new computer
Call a Tech Next Door to set up your new computer and help transfer files and programs over. There are many caveats and gotchas when moving to a new computer, and we know them all. Your Junior Tech will make the process smooth and exciting!

Diagnose and troubleshoot a computer that wont start
It is frustrating when your computer doesn't start up. Call a Tech Next Door and we'll provide you with a solution to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Upgrade or replace common PC components
All of our PC techs are equipped to replace or upgrade basic components of a computer such as power supplies, memory and hard drives. Or, give new life to your computer by installing a much faster Solid State Drive (SSD). It is surprisingly quick and easy and you will be amazed at the difference in speed!

Help you configure a proper backup routine
Don't wait until it is too late to set up a proper backup routine! The best backup programs are automated and do not rely on anyone remembering to do something. They should also notify you if there is any kind of a problem. The best backup plans involve an offsite component to protect you against theft, fire or other local disasters. Let a professional Tech Next Door guide you to peace-of-mind by setting up a secure back-up plan.