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Meeting the Challenge of Tech Support

What are the challenges of tech support for home and business users? And how does Tech Next Door tackle them.

Here is the answer!

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Slow response time

Businesses usually need help immediately and this is a big challenge for most firms. With a pool of techs available a customer can get a tech to their business very quickly.

Dealing with 1 man shows

Many customers like the 1-man show because the level of service/care is usually high. However, it is difficult to get support when you need it since the 1-tech has to keep busy. With TND our business clients have a project manager and/or a dedicated tech. However, if they are busy and it's urgent, another tech from the pool can pick up the work.

Dealing with larger companies

On the other hand, dealing with a large company has it's challenges too. If you are a business with less than 20 users you are not important. With TND, that is our niche. Often their salespeople are trying to sell to meet their quota. There is not enough care.

Not secure enough

This is true whether they realize it or not. Small business is low hanging fruit for cyber criminals. Even at the business level, we protect the vulnerable and always have a solution that works for a particular client.

Need unbiased advise

Businesses want to trust their IT support provider to help them make wise decisions regarding their technology. However, they are heavily biased since they want you to spend more money on technology. With TND you can even keep your existing firm and use our project manager for unbiased consultation.

Need specialties

Every business is unique and it is difficult for smaller shops, and even larger firms, to provide the specialties needed by their clients. SharePoint, SalesForce, PC Law, SQL. With a pool of techs with different skill sets our clients can find the specialty they need.