Alerts and Advice

As part of our commitment to protecting the vulnerable, we want to make you aware of any situations that may require action or caution on your side. We also want to pass along helpful advice that will help you stay safe online.

To that end, we offer a subscription service to that these alerts and advice notifications come straight to your Inbox. This service is automatically included in our free Tech Next Door Neighbor Program. Or, you can simply sign up here.

Sign up today to make sure you don't miss any important notices. When you click the button, you will receive an email to confirm joining our protection email list. 

If you like, you can choose what types of emails you want to receive. Simply click the 'manage your preferences' when you see this option. You will be able to choose any or all of the three types of emails we send. By default you are signed up to all 3 lists.

1. Security warnings and notices - These are important notices and warnings about current threats that you might be vulnerable to. Expect one of these a month or so. 

2. Informational & How-to's - These are guides and general information that is designed to keep you safe on the Internet. Expect one or two per month.

3. Promotions - If we have sales or other promotions, we will advise the people in the list.

4. Opt Out - You may choose to not receive any emails from us.