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Reboot Your Router!


Last week it was announced by Talos Intelligence, a leading cyber security intelligence organization, that a sophisticated new type of malware was infecting certain WiFi routers. It is called 'VPNFilter' and it can collect information, block network traffic and exploit devices on your network. Apparently it also has a 'self-destruct' command that renders your router useless. The report suggests up to 500,000 routers are affected. Here is what you need to know.

To cut to the chase, reboot your router. This malware resides in the router's memory so rebooting clears that memory. The FBI have shut-down the web-domain responsible for controlling the virus so you will not be reinfected after the clean boot of the router. True, only certain routers are infected but since the fix is so easy we would suggest just rebooting. 

How easy is rebooting your router? The hardest part for some might be identifying the router. For most home users it will be the box provided by your Internet Service Provider. Simply unplug it, wait about 10 seconds, and re-plug it in. That's it!

For businesses, you too may have a modem/router from your ISP or you may have a third-party router. Check with your IT provider if you are not sure.

To protect against this and future attacks to routers we strongly recommend making sure your computer operating system, applications and network devices such as routers are all on the latest firmware version available. If you need help, just call Tech Next Door.

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Joel LaRusic is Founder of Tech Next Door, an IT solutions and support firm dedicated to security-forward results. Small business is often low-hanging fruit for cyber-criminals. Joel and his team all share the same mantra – We’re sick and tired of people getting ripped off and now we are dedicated to protecting the vulnerable!

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