An office tech is used to being in an office environment and troubleshooting the kind of issues that are common in multi-user offices. As well, they are the perfect choice to manage upgrades and projects.


To qualify to be a Office Tech, the agent must have the A+ Certification and Network+ Certification (or commensurate) and at least 3 year practical experience supporting computers in an office environment.


The hourly rate for the Office Technician is $125/hr + tax.

Types of Jobs

Desktop Support
You have multiple users in your office and they need help with a sundry of minor issues including Microsoft Office and Adobe product issues. An Office Tech can visit and handle these types of issues quickly and efficiently while minimizing downtime. Needless to say, your Tech will share productivity and safety tips with users along the way.

Networking Issues
An Office Tech can help with the design and implementation of your office network. They can make recommendations for secure equipment including wireless devices, routers/firewalls and switches. If your network is less than ideal, call an Office Tech for an expert consultation. They can configure and troubleshoot routers, switches and other networking devices. (For advanced business networking including multiple or advanced firewalls, VLAN configuration you will need an Advanced Business Tech - call for details).

Office 365
We are Office 365 experts. Robust email in the cloud, access to your data from anywhere, create automated workflow to make the complex systems more simple. Find out if this solution is right for you. If you are already on Office 365 we can assist with administration and growth.

Not a fan of Microsoft? Prefer Google? Don't want to spend that much money? All good reasons to go with Google's email and productivity solution. We have experts in the Google Suite of products and they can assist with planning, implementing and administering your Google accounts.

Cloud Services
Email, file storage and sharing, video conferencing and project management, to name a few, are popular cloud applications. Need some help or some consultation on what products to choose. Hire an Office Tech to guide you through!

Remote Solutions
Remote connectivity is crucial in today's business world. There are many options all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Have an Office Tech walk you through the options and choosing a solution that works for your workflow and your budget.