An Advanced Tech is trained and has experience for more complex jobs and projects. By hiring a tech who can get the job done efficiently and correctly, you save money in the long run. Hire an Advanced Tech for the types of jobs listed below.


To qualify to be an Advanced Tech, the agent must have the A+ Certification and Network+ Certification (or commensurate) and at least 5 year practical experience supporting computers.


The hourly rate for the General PC Technician is $150/hr + tax.

Types of Jobs

Level 2 or second tier support
If others have already tried to resolve your issue and failed, call an Advanced PC Technician. They have extensive experience supporting computers and have pretty much seen it all.

Advanced Wireless
Configuring robust wireless networks in your home makes for happy computing and surfing. If you want multiple wireless access points in your home and want to be able to walk anywhere in your home without ever losing the connection, then it's a job for an Advanced Tech! Any other type of wireless issue will also fall into this realm.

Advanced Networking
If you have a complex network to configure or support, or if you are having networking problems, our Advanced Techs can handle the job.

Gaming computer support
Got a gamer in the house? Gaming computers often have components outside the realm of common PCs. That's why you will need a tech who is familiar with the equipment and has experience working on advanced system.

Deal with chronic error messages, crashing, pop-ups or instability
Chronic crashing and errors often needs a tech with more skill and experience. If you are experiencing these types of issues, call an Advanced Tech.